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Frontline Public Safety Solutions is creating relationships with some of the most reputable companies in the public safety industry. These partnerships enable public safety organizations to share in technology based products and services with one common goal: Save Time, Resources and Deliver Accurate Results.


    The Denise Amber Lee Foundation was founded by Denise’s husband, Nathan Lee in June of 2008, 6 months after her tragic death. He has made it his life’s mission to travel the country telling her story, to help 911 centers across the country try to avoid a similar occurrence to someone else. The Denise Amber Lee Foundation mission is:

    To support and Promote Public Safety through:              

    • Uniform training
    • Standardized Protocols
    • Defined Measurable Outcomes(Quality Assurance)
    • Technological Advances to 911

    The foundation wants to use the emotional power of Denise’s story to motivate and inspire 911 personnel to remember why they do what they do. Arguably one of the most difficult professions on the planet, the foundation wants to remind them how important they are what a critical role they play everyday in Public Safety.

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    The Ultimate Public Safety RMS

    Designed and field-tested by law enforcement, CivicRMS is a modern high-performance records management system with single-entry data input and advanced integrations.

    CivicEye delivers advanced cloud software for communities and law enforcement professionals, helping to save lives and increase public safety.

    We combine a deep understanding of law enforcement and public safety with an unrivaled technology platform bringing next-generation solutions in the following areas:


    Exacom had a modest start in 1986 as a tech R&D/manufacturing company for the telecommunications industry. Today we are a market leader in multimedia recording. We are raising the bar with our partners and even our competition to deliver better products to the market.

    In 2020, we were recognized on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

    Exacom is proudly based in the United States. Our support team is based in Manchester, NH, with regional support expertise located around the US.


    Our motto of “One Team’ One Mission: Committed to Public Safety Professionalism” says it all. Risk managers and legal experts agree that a well trained agency acting properly and in accordance with written policies that meet the highest standards is the best defense against lawsuits.

    Leveraging our experience and business model will substantially reduce your agency’s exposure to liability while cutting operating costs and inculcating a culture of professionalism. Our policy development experience, training modules and accreditation expertise are second to none and our record of success in achieving our client’s goals is without peer.

    To date, our company has been directly retained to assist in excess of 300 separate public safety agencies and conducts in-service training for more than 6000 police officers, firefighters and security personnel each month.


    Pace Scheduler is a modern web platform designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Dispatch, and 24/7 scheduling. It handles complex shift schedules, OT tracking, Time Off Requests, Payroll Reports, Comp Time earned tracking, Minimum Staffing, Inventory Assignments, and a plethora of other challenging parts of maintaining a 24/7 schedule.

    The diversity across our customers has resulted in a very modular approach on our end, with flexibility in customization all along the way.

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